Eagle Scout Candidate Donates A Hearing Loop

Eagle Scout candidate donates a hearing loop to Amazing Grace Lutheran Church (AGLC) of Warren, MI. Brian Rosner of Troop 1039 raised the funds for the loop equipment and along with Den leader Dr. Arthur Rosner, fellow Scouts, and Terry Krutz from Loop America, Rochester, MI, donated the labor to install the hearing loop. The project was a step towards achieving his Eagle Scout status.


Brian is the son of Dr. Arthur Rosner, the owner and practitioner of Arthur Rosner, MD. In Rochester Hills, MI. Employee and audiologist, Angela Lederman, MS, CCC-A, attends AGLC and participated in the collaboration of the loop project. After installation, she was able to hear the responses of several church members. One of whom said, “I have never heard pastor so well as today, this has made such a difference for me”.