Avoiding the Big Box Stores for Hearing Aids Ensures you Get Quality Care by an Audiologist

Ever think you’d be able to go to Walmart or Costco for hearing evaluations and hearing aid fittings? Well, you can. The convenience factor may appeal to you, as you can finish your grocery shopping and then head over for a hearing aid fitting afterward. This on-demand approach to health care is alarming because you’re not getting the quality level of care you should be getting, especially when it comes to ear care. Relying on an audiologist who knows the inner workings of the ear is key. Workers at big box stores don’t always have the expertise audiologists do, which can lead to speedy diagnoses that result in Band-Aid approaches like hearing aids when actually a more thorough evaluation is called for. Steering clear of the big box stores is important when seeking ear care, and below we list the top reasons why.


Like with clothing and electronics found at bog box stores, you’re paying for convenience and not necessarily quality. Same with auditory care. You may think you’re spending a lot less than at an office, but there’s a reason why you’re paying less and that is directly correlated to less-than-optimum quality. Actually, you could end up paying through the nose when you visit a big box store because of all the extras and accessories you’re sold by employees, who are there to ensure you buy as many services as possible. These add on to the cost of the device you thought you were getting a good deal on. Fast forward to the audiologist’s office and you may feel the cost to you is high. While this may seem so on the surface, you’re actually making out on the deal because you’re getting the advantage of health insurance coverage and a commitment to much higher quality not only in materials but also in service.


When you receive an audiologist’s stamp of approval on products like hearing aids, you get an invaluable boost in your peace of mind. You know that relying on a professional who takes the time to fully evaluate you will benefit you in the long run. When you hastily buy into products at a big box store, like hearing aids, you may regret it later when the device malfunctions in the form of poor acoustics or interference of some kind.

Professional Value

When you compare the service between audiologists and big box stores, the difference is extremely clear cut. With an audiologist, you’re sitting down with a professional to get intensive one-on-one care of your ears thanks to his vast knowledge of how the ears work. You won’t get this same dedication and commitment from a  worker at a Costco or Walmart, as they’re trained more to sell you on products you may not necessarily need. Audiologists are in no way sales people; rather, their job lies in finding the root cause of your hearing impairment and suggesting ways to treat it.