Closed-Captioning Glasses allow people with hearing loss to enjoy the the movies!

Instead of missing out on seeing the latest and greatest flicks at the movie theater, hearing impaired individuals can now take advantage of new technology that allows them to view films in comfort. Before the advent of this technology, people who are deaf or hearing impaired could not enjoy the latest movies until the addition of captions well after the release. Closed-captioning glasses have changed this, available at movie theaters currently so everyone can enjoy the films together. Find out where the glasses are being tested, what their features are and why they’re ideal for those with hearing loss.

Where are They?

You can find these new glasses at select Regal Cinema theaters throughout the United States, on a trial basis. The testing phase of this endeavor, still ongoing, will determine how many more screens the glasses will be found at. The appeal of the glasses and how many people they draw into the theater will dictate the success of the program.

A Comfortable Design Meant to Last

A fully functioning, customizable design allows the user to feel completely comfortable while donning the glasses. They are referred to as Access Glasses and can accommodate anyone’s shape, size or age. Similar to an oversized pair of glasses, this product has a few additional perks, including two detectors on either side. These glasses, placed right over any pair of glasses that you already own, are designed with your complete comfort in mind. This way, you’re not exhausted and strained by the end of the movie.

The Concept: Origins

These glasses, which came about as a result of a joint partnering by Sony and Regal Cinemas, are referred to as Sony Entertainment Access Glasses. This dream of Randy Smith, the chief administrative officer of Regal Cinemas, is meant to assist hearing impaired individuals enjoy the latest films at the move theater. They went through many years of scrutiny and testing, and now Sony has released the glasses with plans to make them available by the end of this summer at more than 6,000 screens.

How They Work

Configured for brightness and other elements, Access Glasses have one goal: to provide clear, bright, easy to read captions under optimal viewing conditions. Easy adjustments can be made by each user to virtually customize the experience. Your experience is further heightened by your position in the theater, with the optimal view being in the center of the theater.

Relax and enjoy the movie once you’ve customized your settings. Sensors on either side of your head will automatically pick up the captions sent via a data transmitter, presenting captioning text right in front of your face. In fact, you’ll see that the text is floating in front of you about 10 feet away so you can read it comfortably while enjoying the film at your leisure.